Hugs and Kisses Pot – Garden Crafts .

Plant one on your beloved this Valentine’s Day with a painted candy jar or plant pot.

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• DCP07 – Geranium Red
• DCP14 – Cloud White
• DCP21 – Wrought Iron Black
• DCP41 – Carnation Pink


• Unfinished wood piece, 1 1/2″ doll head/knob
• 1″ flat brush
• 1/4″ flat brush
• 5 round brush
• 3/4″ round foam pouncer brush
• Foam plate
• E6000 industrial-strength craft glue
• Terra cotta pieces, 6″ pot; 5″ and 7″ saucers


1. Use Carnation Pink to paint pot below rim and wood piece for knob; let dry.

2. Use Geranium Red to paint rim of pot and two saucers; let dry.

3. Glue flat side of knob to center of 7″ saucer bottom; let dry.

4. With 3/4″ pouncer dipped in Cloud White, slide slightly when painting to make elongated oval shapes for Os on pot. Use 1/4″ flat brush and Cloud White to paint words hugs and kisses on saucer lid.

5. Use 1/4″ flat brush and Wrought Iron Black to paint Xs on pot and the word and on saucer lid; let dry.

6. Use round brush and Carnation Pink to paint openings at center of ovals to form Os.

7. Use round brush and Geranium Red to paint heart shapes in spaces around Xs and Os; let dry.

8. Glue bottom of pot to center of 5″ saucer.

Helpful Hint

Directions are given for candy pot with lid; exclude lid with knob to make plant pot

By DecoArt