Gems make everything better! Dress up your friendship bracelet designs with some oldschool glamor using antique jewels. The combination of casual cord and sparkling gems gives these friendship bracelets effortless elegance. You’ll be the most fabulous friends on the scene with these bejeweled beauties adorning your wrists.

Jeweled Macrame Bracelet


 natural braiding cord
 two small jump rings for each bracelet  (mine were about 4mm)
 antique jewels with two loops

Jeweled Macrame Bracelet


1.) Attach a small jump ring to each of the loops on the jewel.

Jeweled Macrame Bracelet

2.) Cut four pieces of cord: two 40-inch pieces (the outer working cord) and two 15-inch pieces (the base cord).

3.) Thread one 40-inch cord and one 15-inch cord through one jump ring. Keeping the longer working cord on the outside, pull the 15-inch base cord taut in the center and tape it down.

Jeweled Macrame Bracelet

4.) Now braid a square knot. Cross the left strand over the base strands. Then cross the right strand over top of the left strand. Pass the right strand under the center strands and up through the loop. Pull the cord tight, keeping the base strands straight.

Jeweled Macrame Bracelet

5.) Tie the same knot, starting on the right side. Cross the right strand over the base strands. Then cross the left strand over top of the right strand. Pass the left strand under the center strands and up through the loop. Pull tight.

6.) Keep alternating the knots until the bracelet reaches halfway around your wrist. Repeat on the other side of the bracelet.

Jeweled Macrame Bracelet

7.) To make the closure, knot all four strands on one side of the bracelet and cut the ends. On the other side, make a small loop with the middle base cords and knot. Knot the outer cords and snip the ends. Dab a bit of glue on the ends if you want.

By: Stephanie


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