This cuff is meant to be random, free form and unstructured. It does not require a great deal of concentration, so you can listen to a book on CD or watch a movie while you create and you’ll be done before you know it! Feel free to customize your “bead soup” bead selection with 2 to 6mm beads in different shapes, colors and finishes.

Bead Soup Cuff Bracelet
 Tiger eye semi-precious chip strand 1912-51
 2mm round, white pearl bead strand 04009
 Twister Beads™ 4mm wrinkled copper  plated strand TW2167
 10/0 Opaque light blue glass rocaille seed  beads 1101-04
 Cuff bracelet form 1991-19
 24 Gauge copper wire roll 32030-13
 Diagonal wire cutter 1893-05

1. Make a “bead soup” by mixing all of your  beads together in a small bowl or dish.

Bead Soup Cuff Bracelet

2. Wrap the entire cuff with the 24 gauge copper wire.

3. Cut approx. 24” of copper wire and anchor one end of the wire near the center of the cuff by wrapping it around the cuff a few
times. String beads randomly, a few inches at a time, and begin wrapping back and forth in a random pattern on the cuff. Take care
not to let the wire pull the top and bottom of the cuff together.

Bead Soup Cuff Bracelet

4. Keep wrapping and adding beads as desired. Add more wire when required. Stop when you are happy with the result. Enjoy!

Bead Soup Cuff Bracelet


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