This Father’s Day, the kids can help create a rustic key hook for Dad set on an actual tree section with natural bark and decorated with a kid’s hand‐print. Any Dad would love this homemade gift.

Key Hook for Dad

• Walnut Hollow® #27670 Medium Basswood Country Round
• Alphabet Stencil and Stencil Brush
• Ball knob or small hook
• Five different colors of paint
• Other Supplies: foam brush, paper towel, sandpaper, spray varnish, tape


1. To prepare wood for painting, use sandpaper to lightly sand wood surface. Remove dust with paper towel.

2. Use a small foam brush to apply a thin coat of paint to a child’s hand. Press hand onto center of round being careful not to smudge when lifting off wood. Let dry.

3. Position first letter of stencil on wood. Tape in place. Use a stencil brush to paint stencil opening. (To stencil, place a small amount of paint on a paper plate. Dip brush into paint. Dab off excess paint on a paper towel to prevent paint from leaking under stencil. Tap brush onto stencil until desired result is achieved.) Continue with remaining letters. Let dry.

4. Attach a wooden knob or small hook to bottom of round to hold keys.

5. Apply 2‐3 coats of spray varnish for a protective finish.

By: Cheryl Ball



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