This leafy autumn wreath is an autumn or Thanksgiving craft that your kids can help you make. It will look great on the wall or hanging on a door to welcome in the rich colors of autumn.

9 Thanksgiving Decorations to Make-25
Thanksgiving Decorations



 Scissors
 Fabric Glue
 12 x 18 Red EZ Felt Sheet
 12 x 18 Yellow EZ Felt Sheet
 12 x 18 Tangerine EZ Felt Sheet
 12 x 18 Cocoa EZ Felt
 36″ String of Jute/Twine


1. Cut out 1 Each of Leaves on all 12 x 18 Sheets of EZ Felt. You should have 4 Oak Leaves, 4 Maple Leaves, and 4 Standard Leaves
2. Begin arranging how you would like your wreath to look. You can follow the picture above or create your own. You will need to overlap the figures. Our wreath is about 18″ in diameter.


9 Thanksgiving Decorations to Make-24
Thanksgiving Decorations


3. Begin gluing pieces in place with fabric glue. Let dry.
4. Once glue has dried, glue Jute/Twin to the back of the wreath.
5. Hang on door