This is a must-have for every little girl. This free easy sewing pattern uses beautiful fabrics and basic techniques to create a fantastic tiered skirt that your little girl will love.

Learn to Sew Clothes  Girls Tiered Skirt

· Fabric
o Yardage varies: the least you would need is ½ yard. More for longer skirt.
· Scissors

· Elastic
· Surger
· Thread
· Ruler
· Rotary cutter


1. Choose 2-4 different kinds of coordinating fabric.

2. Cut them in strips from selvage to selvage of various widths, depending how long I want the skirt to be, usually for little sizes like 3-4 I use 3 strips about 4” wide.

3. Take two of the strips and lay them good side to good side and pin them down the
middle. Surge them together and repeat this process with the other strips until they are all sewn to each other.

4. Between steps, iron fabric strips as you sew them together.

5. Take the selvage ends good to good and sew them together. By now it is starting to resemble a skirt.

6. Trim both ends with a rotary cutter to be sure they are even.

7. After deciding which fabric you want to be the top of the skirt, fold over and iron about
1” twice so no raw edges are showing and do the same with the bottom.

8. Sew (with a traditional machine, do not surge) around the top leaving an opening for the elastic, and do the same to the bottom with no opening.

9. Choose the width of your elastic, I like to use ½”, the length will be determined by the size of skirt you want to make, for instance for size 3-4 I use 18” and then increase a ½” for each size above that, now put it through the top and sew the ends of the elastic together and close the opening in the waist band.

10. Turn right side out and your skirt is done!

By: Kelly Savery



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