Help your mom enjoy her beauty with this cute black and pink poka dot apron. It’ll make her dance
around with joy!

39 Low Cost Kitchen Crafts-160
• Tulip® Soft Fabric Paint™
o BI15784 Glacier White
o BI15788 Petal Pink
o BI15801 Ebony

o Tulip® Cordless Heat Setting Tool™
o Tulip® Glam‐It‐Up!™ Iron‐On Crystals™
o TR327 Pink 4mm
• Scissors
• Paper towels
• Low tack masking tape
• Pencil
• Container w/water
• Compressed sponge
• Kid’s Apron with Ribbon Trim from BagWorks.Com
• Foil
• Circle template
1. Before painting, prewash apron to remove sizing. Do not use fabric softener.

2. Trace 1”, 7/8”, ¾” and 11/16” circles onto compressed sponge, using circle template and pencil.
Cut out, using scissors. Immerse circles into water to expand. Squeeze out water, using paper towels.

3. Arrange sponge circles onto bib of apron to visualize placement before painting, placing them
1/8” to ¼” apart.

4. Shake bottles of paint well. Squeeze a separate puddle of each color of Soft Fabric Paint onto
foil. Tap 1” sponge circle into Matte Ebony. Tap excess paint onto a clean area of foil. Press onto
center of apron bib to make first circle. Add five more circles at each side of center, with larger
circles near center and smaller circles toward top of bib. Let dry.

5. Tape bow out of way while working on lower area of apron. Paint a random pattern of dots onto
black section of apron, using Matte Petal Pink and Matte Glacier White and 1” and ¾” sponge
circles. Let dry.

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