How to make Flowers out of Candy Wrappers .

From chocolates are always bright and beautiful candy wrappers. Sometimes, so sorry to throw this beauty! But these wrappers can easily turn into beautiful flowers and hand made crafts from candy wrappers can be donated to a young man or girl into a lovely holiday Valentine’s Day.

Flower wrappers

In order to make the flowers of the wrappers, you will need: punch, green tape, candy wrappers from sweets (6 for each flower), scissors, wire, sucker.

How to make flowers out of gum wrappers.


1. First, you need to fold the paper in half.

wrappers for flowers

2. Then you need to punch a hole punch on the four folded wrappers around half a centimeter from the edge.

punch and candy wrappers

3. Two other candy wrappers and fold in half, and the hole has already been done with the edge.

4. On the stick from the candy “Chupa Chups” slide four, folded in half candy wrappers. Then you need to put two more open candy wrappers.

Flower of wrappers

How to make a duct tape.

1. Put on the table two pieces of simple adhesive tape about 7 cm long, green sticky side up. In the center of one piece along the belt put on a piece of wire.

adhesive tape

2. Carefully, making sure that the wire was left in the middle, fold the sticky side of the tape together.

3. On both sides of the resulting strip cut on a leaf.

leaves of napkins

4. The leaves attach to the stem under the wrappers.

Flowers of wrappers from sweets

5. The result was a delicate flower.


6. Is it possible to make the flower a little differently.

wrappers for the flower

7. And this flower is very original.

Flowers by fantikovyh sweets

8. And you can add more petals and so.

wrappers for flowers

9. Here’s what we have to get the color of the wrappers.

flowers of wrappers

10. From these colors can make a very original Valentine bouquet.

Flowers of wrappers from sweets

I advise everyone to know how beautiful can be a palm tree out of plastic bottles and how to make vases, pasta of different shapes.


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