How to make a Handmade Christmas tree out of the napkins .


New Year – a holiday that offers almost everything, without exception. I would like at this magical holiday give gifts, receive gifts, establish a home New Year’s warmth. You can easily make a New Year’s Christmas tree with their hands out of scrap materials that you can find at home or buy in any supermarket without difficulty. You can attract both children and parents, it’s quite fun. Creativity brings! Color table napkins can be completely different. So, in this master class with step by step instructions and pictures, you will learn how to make a Christmas tree out of wipes his hands.

To work needed:

-salfetki table;
-acrylic red paint;
-acrylic paint white;
a prime pencil;
-Building plaster;
-karton A4;
-businy white;
-atlasnaya feed white thin;
-kley universal;
-blёstki white;
-shishka small;
-yagodki white;
on decorative grandfather frost.

elka-iz-salfetok 1

From template draw circles with a diameter of 4-5 cm.

elka-iz-salfetok 2

Sew cloth in the middle of the circle stapler.

elka-iz-salfetok 3

By contour is cut with sharp scissors.

elka-iz-salfetok 4

Separate the first layer of napkins.

elka-iz-salfetok 5

Presses his fingers to the center.

elka-iz-salfetok 6

Then we raise the next layer and pressed toward the center.

elka-iz-salfetok 7

Thus, each layer crush napkins.

elka-iz-salfetok 8

Then, the resulting rosettes slightly straighten.

elka-iz-salfetok 9

Roses need 55-65 pieces.

elka-iz-salfetok 10

Bows do with white tape.

elka-iz-salfetok 11

From cardboard cone do.

elka-iz-salfetok 12

On the remaining piece of cardboard draw out the contour of the base of the cone.

elka-iz-salfetok 13

On the contour cut out in the middle of the drill holes to thread the skewers in it.

elka-iz-salfetok 14

In a glass pour stucco, which had previously been necessary to dissolve in accordance with the instructions and strengthen skewers.

elka-iz-salfetok 15

Cut a circle with a hole is threaded on skewers.

elka-iz-salfetok 16

Top anchoring cone.

elka-iz-salfetok 17

Pushes inward napkins.

elka-iz-salfetok 18

Sticking to the bottom of the cone.

elka-iz-salfetok 19

Cone paint over acrylic paint red.

elka-iz-salfetok 20

Skewer wrapped with satin ribbon in white.

elka-iz-salfetok 21

A glass of red decorate the dining room napkin.

elka-iz-salfetok 22

Rose glued to the cone.

elka-iz-salfetok 23

Roses is best to stick staggered.

elka-iz-salfetok 24

elka-iz-salfetok 25

The bottom of the cone also paste roses.

elka-iz-salfetok 26

Pine Cones paint white acrylic paint.

elka-iz-salfetok 27

In the pot sticking dried pine cones and decorative Santa Claus.

elka-iz-salfetok 28

Near pasted berries and beads.

elka-iz-salfetok 29

In pot tie a bow of satin ribbon.

elka-iz-salfetok 30

On the tree sticking bows.

elka-iz-salfetok 31

Between the ribbons pasted beads.

elka-iz-salfetok 32

Sparkles with the glue mix.

elka-iz-salfetok 33

The pot cover with sequins.

elka-iz-salfetok 34

Roses coat with sheen.

elka-iz-salfetok 35

Christmas Christmas Tree with his hands completely ready!

elka-iz-salfetok 36

elka-iz-salfetok 37

elka-iz-salfetok 38

elka-iz-salfetok 39


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