How to Make a Handmade Garland with Yarn Balls – DIY .

After the creation of the New Year tree , it is worth considering how to make a garland with your own hands of balls and threads. You can learn the method of production from my article or go to the VipBook website and download the necessary book about crafts with your pens . This garland will become an ornament not only your interior or Christmas tree, but also you can dress it on the waist, it will decorate the dress.

гирлянды своими руками

And now we will start to make our unique New Year’s craft.

1. We take all kinds of multi-colored knitting threads (preferably thicker, because twirl the glomerulus will be faster).

Нитки цветные

2. Thread the threads into the shape of a ball (the size is at your discretion, the smaller, the more elegant).

шарики из ниток

3. Use a needle and thread to “sew” the ends so that the glomerulus does not unwind.

клубочки ниток

4. If you have beads, then we use them, if there are no beads, they can be replaced with a chain tape purchased in the haberdashery department for 20 rubles per meter.
We string beads on a string or sew a chain tape (the length of the connections as desired).

5. We do many, many glomeruli and connect them in the same way with each other.

гирлянда из ниток

The New Year garland is ready.
Garland will also be interesting to look in the form of decorative decoration on your knitted dress (like a belt or beads). Find the application of such a garland again and again, as it will look beautiful everywhere.

гирлянда как пояс


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