How to Make Kids Rug Baby Play Mat With pieces of Fabric – DIY .

For the manufacture of a small developing mat with your own hands, from 0 to 3 years, for the baby everything that the needlewoman has in the bins can be of use – various pieces of fabric, braid, lace, buttons, beads, velcro, soutache, etc. Otherwise, there will also be sintepon, transparent glue, threads in the color of the fabric, needles for manual work, as well as cutting scissors and a sewing machine.

The developing function of the rug will be to play the baby with her, namely – attaching and detaching various elements from it. The idea is to join the fence elements – bright textile dosochek.

Developing mat for children

From the dense fabric of 7 colors we cut out the blanks for the future boards. Their height is 16.5, and width 6.5 cm. We cut out exactly the same parts from polycotton, – cotton fabric, quilted with sintepon by means of welded seams.

Developing mat for children 1

Each detail of the bright fabric is folded face with a polycotton lining and stitched around the perimeter with a 5 mm wide seam, leaving a small hole in the same place for eversion. Turned to the front side of the “dostochki” for the fence is ironed, the hole is sewn with secret hand stitches. From the underside strictly in the middle of the details with the help of glue we glue a rigid adhesive tape with a length of 5 cm.

Developing mat for children 2

From soft fabric of blue and sand colors we sew a rectangular basis of a rug. Its size is 52 * 34 cm. We put the fabric foundation on the sintepon and prostulate it with longitudinal machine stitches at a distance of 5 cm from the edges and 10 cm between the stitches.

Developing mat for children 3

From dense non -market fabric we cut out the lining for the rug, – a rectangle with the same dimensions. Folding the rug and lining face to each other, sew them around the perimeter of the machine with a 5 mm wide seam, leaving a non-sewn area in one place. Through it, the mat is turned to the front side, press it around the edges, the hole is sewn with hand-stitched stitches.

The area of ​​the rug must be interesting to decorate. In the upper right corner, we sew a bright yellow sun with rays from a string and buttons.

Developing mat for children 4

In the left corner, we sew a bright large butterfly . It is most convenient to sew this kind of appliqué using a dense, rather narrow zigzag line.

Developing mat for children 5

The basis for the fence will be 2 longitudinal “crossbars” made of brown lace, as well as 7 transversely placed soft Velcro, for fixing the “dostochk”. With a simple machine stitch, we apply these elements to a napkin .

Developing mat for children 6

The fabric of sand color imitates sand, so it will be appropriate to sew on it various beads in the form of shells and pebbles. Sew them with a strong thread with hand stitches, piercing the rug through and through.

Developing mat for children 7

All that will be sewn to the rug, it is necessary to sew through, – this will give it elasticity, and also will not allow small elements to tear themselves away before the time.

Developing mat for children 8

Ready “dostochki” with the help of Velcro can be attached to the basis of the “fence”.

Developing mat for children 9

Now, after the mat has acquired the basic features, we will make its elements even more vivid and attractive for the child. Orange lace and bright yellow ribbons give the sun a nice look. Let’s make his face even more expressive thanks to the nose-button and pink cheeks.

Developing mat for children 10

“Revive” one of the “досочек” for a fence, – we will glue its eyes, we will prick a nose, we will embroider a mysterious smile.

Developing mat for children 11

Another smart “dostochku” will make interesting by means of rectangular iridescent beads.

Developing mat for children 12

Also, as the decor of the “досочек” it is possible to use multi-colored buttons that will look very impressive, and cause interest in the baby.

Developing mat for children 13

Textile developing mat for the baby is completely ready! It’s time to play!

Developing mat for children 14


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