How to Make a Quilled Paper Heart .


The heart of the main quilling

It’s nice to get a little gift for a holiday, a sign of attention, especially if it is made with their own hands. Now in vogue postcards, valentines made in quilling techniques. This technique has come to us from the distant 18th century. French and Italian monks decorated folded strips of paper with gilt edges of the manuscript, creating graceful medallions and other ornaments. In future articles made of quilling became widespread in the pictures and frames for women’s jewelry and emblems on caskets, screens. In this master class, we will make the heart of quilling with his hands, with a simple turn-based schemes and photo instructions.

To perform the technique valentine quilling we need:

1. Cardboard or heavy paper;
2. Colorful paper quilling;
3. Device for quilling or needle, toothpick;
4. Glue;
5. Scissors;
6. Pencil;
7. Multi-colored rhinestones on the basis of the adhesive.

Heart quilling 1

Let’s turn in half a piece of cardboard and draw on it two hearts , beating a number. This will be blank for our postcards.

quilling Heart 2

Take ten strips for the quilling red and ten color. Bend them in half and squeeze tightly fold. The unusually chosen colors, the brighter and more original will be our valentines.

Heart quilling 3

Using the device, or quilling needle, pulls tightly inside to bend a strip of paper for quilling. Carefully remove the workpiece.

Heart quilling 4

Repeat this operation on the other end of the strip of paper.

Heart quilling 5

All of the selected strips of paper wrap in this way. Then a bit deploy ends blanks.

Heart quilling 6

Spreadable perimeter of a large heart with glue and glue the folded strip, slightly straightening it. The result was a large outline of the heart.

quilling Heart 7

Now glue the other bent at the center of the strip.

Heart quilling 8

Then distribute the strips and glue over the entire area of the heart of a large, slightly straightening them if necessary, filling the surface pattern.

quilling Heart 9

When you have finished decorating a large heart , begin, lay out the perimeter of a small, preliminary having greased it with glue.

Quilling Heart 10

Securing at the base of bent strips decorate the interior of a small area of creation, as well as large, if necessary, straightening a strip of paper.

Quilling Heart 11

When you complete the interior of the strips of paper crafts, decorate both the multi-colored rhinestones, just brushing them with glue. Instead, you can use rhinestones beads, sequins or anything else bright and shiny.

Quilling Heart 12

We have turned a bright and original valentines, consisting of two hearts beating together. This card can give on Valentine’s Day, the girls on March 8, even the birthday girl at a birthday party or any other celebration.

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