How to make a Witch Hat – Halloween DIY


Today we will do a very simple decoration on Halloween. It will be a hat made of felt with their hands, which is very reminiscent of the witches of fairy tales accessory. If you do a lot of toys, you can create the right atmosphere in the room.

To create a cap will prepare the following materials:

• black and purple felt;
• a green satin ribbon;
• sintepon;
• scissors;
• green thread for embroidery;
• chalk;
• the compass;
• cardboard;
• needle;
• purple beads for decoration;
• tweezers;
• glue gun.

To create a cone hats must be black felt just roll into the desired shape. The end must be sharp, and let the cone height is 7 cm. Hold the form of felt with your fingers, cut off the excess felt. Should a straight edge, which we eventually attach to the second part.

Spreads workpiece and fasten the top of the loop of satin ribbon. then turn off again and fasten the edge with glue. It turns out that’s a cone.

shlyapka-vedmy-iz-fetra 1

shlyapka-vedmy-iz-fetra 2

shlyapka-vedmy-iz-fetra 3

Drawing on cardboard circle compass with a diameter of 8 cm, cut and draw out in chalk on the black felt. The die cut blank and decorate the edge of a loop seam green thread .

shlyapka-vedmy-iz-fetra 4

Cone fill synthetic padding to keep in shape. Apply glue along the contour of a gun and fasten the middle just to make a circle.

shlyapka-vedmy-iz-fetra 5

shlyapka-vedmy-iz-fetra 6

It remains to decorate a hat. At the intersection of the two parts sticking satin ribbon. then cut out of felt purple rectangle in 1,5h2 see, and it cut out another, departing from the edge. Fasten the item at the front of the hat. So we simulated belt from a raincoat or other clothing witch.

shlyapka-vedmy-iz-fetra 7

shlyapka-vedmy-iz-fetra 8

Additionally, decorate with purple cone hats polubusinami. You can also use sequins, beads and other details that give the product elegant appearance.

shlyapka-vedmy-iz-fetra 9

Just like we did the decor for Halloween as a witch hat made of felt.

shlyapka-vedmy-iz-fetra 10

shlyapka-vedmy-iz-fetra 11


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