Making a Play Garden _ kids crafts and playing ideas.

kids crafts and playing ideas
kids crafts and playing ideas



 low fencing
 compost
 plants
 kiddie gardening tools
 miscellaneous


1. Mark your garden area with low fencing, leaving a gap at the entrance.
2. Add buckets, shovels, watering containers and muffin tins.
3. Plan flowers along the outer edge. You could also add herbs for a sensory experience.
4. Make a pile of pebbles, a windmill or whatever else your heart desires.
5. Use a turned up flower pot, half of a terracotta urn and a log to begin the makings of a bug habitat. Leave them undisturbed, face down in the soil, for as long as possible to attract little creatures to come and live underneath. Then, take a look at what you can find with a
magnifying glasses.
Have fun and use your imagination to add to your play garden!