We recently came across an interesting master class (let the New Year holidays are long gone and the lesson a little bit not in the subject), we immediately wanted to share 🙂 This hack from polymer clay not only amazingly beautiful, but also surprisingly easy to do, so leave it without attention, we simply could not. In general, enough words, you ought not to say, and to do!

For a lesson on making Christmas trees out of polymer clay prepare:

– Polymer clay (you can use any, we have self-hardening)
– Green acrylic color for polymer clay
– Yellow acrylic dye for polymer clay
– Brown dye for acrylic polymer clay
– A few toothpicks
– Small nail scissors with pointed tips
– Pin wire (commercially available beading or you can do it yourself)
– Decorations (of your choice, we have small crafts made of polymer clay)

All is ready? Then we begin to create our wonderful crafts made of polymer clay

For the first step to prepare: a small stump brown, cone rich green color and a few toothpicks. Proceedings look at the figure below


Use scissors to make out the branches of trees. The main thing here – the sharpness of scissors


With the help of glue carefully plant a tree on a tree stump. Making a star – if there is a pattern, it is possible to make a stencil. If there is no – nothing complicated in the formation of stars there. We should have two halves of an asterisk


Between halves add up the stars pin holds them together with glue. Then it all on drawing



That’s all, Christmas crafts made of polymer clay is ready! It remains to decorate the Christmas tree to your liking 🙂 We like this:400x542-images-stories-Glina-26-5


And you can still like this 🙂




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