Take an old T-shirt and a mere yard of fabric and turn it into a trendy new dress. It’s one cohesive outfit that looks like two pieces. Show up to your next party in this little number and you’ll not only look great, you’ll be comfortable



 Old T-Shirt and coordinating fabric
 Old men’s shirt or fabric to match
 General Sewing Supplies


1. Start with an old T-shirt and a yard of coordinating fabric.


2. Find your natural waist line and cut the shirt at that point. Save the scraps!


3. Cut out a few more scraps. Cut out a piece from your skirt fabric and a piece of coordinating cream chiffon.


4. Fold them in half and ruffle them.


5. Adding a lot of detail to this T-shirt will weigh it down a lot. Add a piece of lightweight interfacing to the inside of the shirt to balance it.


6. Now add your first layer of the ruffle bib. Start with the outer layer. You may want to lay them all out beforehand so you can mark where they will need to be sewn. Pin the first layer in place then stitch.


7. Add the second. Pin, then sew.


8. Repeat with the third.


9. To make the front look completed add a button strip. You can cut this off another shirt. You can also create one by adding a piece of fabric then sewing on some old buttons.


10. Iron the edges in then pin it in the center.


11. After that, fold it over the top of the shirt and pin down. Then stitch it in place.


12. Determine the length you want your skirt to be. Before attaching it to the top hem it. Here a wide hem was made.


13. Here’s another little extra step. If you want to bring the color of the dark top down to the bottom it can look really put together and well thought out. On the underside of the skirt add a little dark grey hem tape just peeping out. It
really makes this dress look more complete.


14. Very slightly ruffle the top of your skirt. Then stitch the ends together to create your skirt piece.


15. Now it’s time to attach it to the top. You might want to create a drawstring waistline so you can adjust it for your own waist without adding a zipper. In order to do that you need to leave an overhand as shown on the inside of the
shirt. Pin and sew the skirt to the top.


16. Now fold that flap over and pin it to the inside of the skirt. Stitch it closed.


17. Once you turn it right-side-out, this is what it will look like. You now have a little pocket to pull a drawstring through.


18. On the side seam, create two small holes for your drawstring. You can use your seam ripper.


19. Grab whatever you want to use for your drawstring and pull it all the way through.


20. And now you’re done!



By: Alexis Meschi