Marshmallow Easter Egg Craft – Spring activities and crafts.




 white & colored mini marshmallows
 construction paper
 glue
 marker


1. Start by drawing an Easter egg on your paper.
2. Add glue along the line.
3. Add your white marshmallows along the edge. We did 15 then ate one, 21 then ate one , and 17 and ate one.
4. Next ask your child how many stripes they want. I caution you perhaps give them a range, my son said 8 and wouldn‘t budge. I ended up doing 3 rows because 8 is a lot for a 3 year old to do

5. Add your colored marshmallows. We decided to add a sorting element by saying the lines can be any color, but it must be all one color. So my son was forced to sort the colors when adding them. Worked great! With younger toddlers I‘d just let them go for it. Older children can add a patterning lesson in too.
6. Let dry, and you‘re done!