1Gather your materials. You’ll need fabric, an embroidery hoop, a sharp needle, a shisha mirror (or paillette or coin), and embroidery floss.

2 Secure your fabric in the hoop tightly. Thread your needle and knot the end of your floss

3 Place your shisha on the fabric, and secure it with a crossing of foundation stitches

4 Now, duplicate the foundation stitches, but turned 45 degrees… like this.

Until you get this.


5 Now, you could leave it at that, and decorate around it. It’s pretty secure and it looks pretty, right? But if you’re more interested in creating a solid frame for your shisha, continue. Poke your needle up through the fabric beside your mirror.
Then, slide your needle under the foundation stitches, from the center toward the edge.

6 Pull your needle through and tighten the stitch, then work one backstitch right next to your mirror.

7 Now, your next stitches will be like blanket stitches. Again, thread the needle under your foundation stitches from the center to the edge, but make sure your thread is looped UNDER your needle as you pull the stitch tight.

8 From now on, when you work the backstitch after your blanket stitch,make sure to initially poke your needle through the previous backstitch. This will create an attractive chain around your shisha.

Once I get mine shishsa started, I like to take it out of the embroidery hoop. You can if you want to, but you don’t have to. Keep working steps 7 and 8 around the mirror.

This is why I like to take it out of the hoop. It allows me to sort of bend the fabric backward to have more control over my backstitches.

Keep going until you’re finished!

Are you proud of yourself? You should be! You could stop there, or you can decorate it some more (back in the embroidery hoop for this). I started with a border of turquoise chain stitches, to match my paillette.

And then… oh look! The shisha is shining with happiness!