Motivational School Magnets –  Teacher-Approved Crafts for School .

Your kids will love these magnets. Make some to hang up tests and quizzes from school. Students will be motivated to do well and have their hard work displayed.

Motivational School Magnets


 Kelly Craft “Get-It-Straight” Laser Square
 Duetica Lettering System: Floot
 Zip Dry by Beacon Adhesives
 Magnets
 Card Stock: White
 Card Stock: Print
 Scissor


1. Create words or sayings with the Duetica Lettering System and print out onto white card stock.

Motivational School Magnets

2. Trim words/sayings, cut print card stock 1/2″ larger than words/sayings.

Motivational School Magnets

3. Use the “Get-It-Straight” Laser Square to align the words/sayings onto the print card stock; glue in place; then glue onto the magnet and trim as needed.

By: Ann Butler


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