Pad craft ( Mother’s Day)

Pad craft ( Mother’s Day)


You need:

White sheets of paper;
A wooden peg;
Drawing paper (white or colour) (the paper is more rigid that the common sheets of paper);
Any material you will use to decorate the heart.

1) Cut white sheets of paper into about 15 smaller sheets of paper –but all of the same size (same format) : about 8 cm width x 15 cm length.
That will be the notepad.

2) Paint the peg the colour of your choice.



3) In the drawing paper –whether white or colour, to your convenience- draw a big enough heart.
Cut it up.
Ornate it as you wishes: with pain, felt-tipped pens, flakes or gold dust, feathers, etc. Let run your imagination!




4) Stick together the hearth on the back of the peg.

5) All you have to do is pin up the white sheets of paper you previously cut.