By: Lish Dorset
Use paint chips in pinks and reds to create a fun Valentine’s Day wreath at little to no cost! Lish uses the paint cards with 4 different shades, perforated between colors for easy separation. Get ready for Valentine’s Day with this easy, indoor craft wreath.

Paper Crafts
Paper Crafts


 1 12×12 piece of cardboard (I used a piece I found inside a new calendar)
 Paint samples (The number of strips depends on what size your wreath is)
 Double-sided tape
 Hole puncher
 Ribbon, decorative wire, hearts, magic

Paper Crafts
Paper Crafts
Paper Crafts
Paper Crafts

1. Start by tracing a circle onto your cardboard. I wanted mine to be as big as the piece of board, so I used the top
of a trash can. An old record would fill the space nicely, too. For the center hole, I used a small Pyrex mixing
bowl. Again, the size of middle will vary on how big or small you want it to be.
2. I used Dutch Boy paint samples from my local grocery store. These worked great because they were perforated,
and popped apart easily. If you can’t find perforated strips, simply cut them apart at each different color.
Because I had one big sample on each, I used this as the beginning layer of the wreath.


3. I went around and fanned them out, not paying attention to color. (Feel free to be more coordinated.) I used one piece of double-sided tape on this wreath because I was working with paper products, and was afraid hot glue might be too hot. (This also worked well because the wreath isn’t going outside.)
4. Once your base layer is down, continue making smaller layers, trying to cover any gaps in the cardboard or between samples. I kept going with layers (three) until I reached the center of the wreath, shown in the photo below.
5. Use your hole punch to make a small hole for ribbon, wire, etc., for hanging.

Paper Crafts
Paper Crafts

6. I used some leftover heart wire to make both a hanger and a bow. Feel free to add any “extras” at this point i n the game.
7. Hang it up, stand back and admire your work!