you will need:

Scraps of painted paper, a piece of paper finger painted with fall colors, construction paper or magazine pages in

red, orange, yellow, green, and brown

1 sheet of black construction paper

1 sheet of white copier paper

Black marker


Paper clip


Acorn pattern

How to make it:

Cut the scraps of painted paper/construction paper/magazine pages into 1/2” – 1” pieces. 

Print acorn pattern, you will need to enlarge the image.

Trace around the pattern using a black marker (see image). Place a piece of white paper on top of the pattern

and paper clip it to hold in place.

Use glue bottle to trace around the pattern on the blank paper, the black marker should show through allowing

you to trace. Fill in the pattern area on the blank paper with white craft glue. Remove paper clip and take printed

pattern out from behind the glued paper (see image).

Place painted paper scraps onto the glue, overlapping the edges of the pattern and leaving some white space

between each scrap of painted paper. Set aside to dry (see image)

Patchwork Acorn

Take printed pattern and place over the top of one sheet of black construction paper. Use a pencil to trace the

outline of the acorn pattern, pressing firmly so that the black paper underneath becomes indented.

Remove pattern and carefully cut out the two traced shapes from the black paper, leaving an acorn shaped

window in the black paper (see image).

Line up the black paper with the acorn-shaped window over the top of the mosaic acorn picture so that the

mosaic pieces appear through the window.

Glue or tape the white paper onto the back of the black paper with the acorn window.

Glue extra pieces of painted paper around the border of the paper as a mosaic frame.


Patchwork Acorn