You can purchase the pebbles or find smooth natural ones in your very own garden.  These
garden stone crafts make beautiful outdoor decorations that will endure all the elements. Great
gift idea for a gardener.

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• STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam:
o Ball, 5″
• Small, river-washed pebbles (available by the bag in craft stores)
• Latex adhesive for ceramic tile
• Sanded tile grout
• Acrylic exterior satin varnish
• Black fine line permanent marker
• Ruler
• Palette knife
• Disposable bowl, small
• Bucket of water
• Household sponge
• Soft, clean rag
• Rubber gloves

1. Sort pebbles into dark and light piles.

2. Use marker to draw spiral around foam ball, from top to bottom, or draw custom pattern.

3. Use palette knife to spread 1/8″-thick layer of tile adhesive onto small area of ball, along marker
line. Note: Rest ball in small bowl while working to prevent rolling.

4. Firmly press one or two rows of black pebbles into adhesive along entire marker line, placing pebbles close together; add adhesive as needed. Repeat, filling remaining spaces with light colored pebbles for contrast; let dry completely.
5. Following manufacturer’s instructions, mix grout. Put on rubber gloves. Use tip of damp sponge to rub grout into spaces between stones. As you work, remove excess grout from stones with clean side of sponge. Note: If using sanded grout, rinse tools in bucket, not sink; discard water outdoors.

6. When ball is completely grouted, wipe away excess once more using damp sponge. Let ball dry slightly. Repeat sponging until stones are clean.

7. When dry, rub ball with clean rag to remove grout residue and restore shine.

8. If using outdoors, follow manufacturer’s instructions to apply one or more coats of sealer to ball.