Pillows – Heating Pillow with Buckwheat – Sewing for Beginners .

Sew up an easy pillow filled with buckwheat to serve as a heating pad. Buckwheat holds the heat (or cold) better than rice or other grains and is hypoallergenic, since buckwheat is not actually a cereal or grass. Add a few drops of your favorite fragrance oil, or just enjoy the smell of buckwheat. You can also use this pillow as a wrist pillow when working with your computer mouse.

Sewing for Beginners-37


• hand knitted piece (optional, but if you do use it – only natural yarn like wool or cotton)
• piece of fabric (preferably cotton) that is at least twice bigger than your knitted piece
• sewing machine
• needle and threads
• scissors
• piece of paper
• buckwheat


knit a cover piece; make it the shape you want your heating pad to be. place your hand knitted piece in a flat position and slightly stretch

Sewing for Beginners-38

cut your cotton into two exactly the same pieces so that they are slightly bigger than your knitted piece

Sewing for Beginners-39

take two cotton pieces and place the knitted piece in between like in the photo

Sewing for Beginners-41

sew around the edges making sure you get all three layers. leave an opening about 2” long

Sewing for Beginners-42

turn it inside out

Sewing for Beginners-43

make a little fennel out of paper and use it to fill up the sack with your precious buckwheat
about half way so the sack is rather loose – this way it will take a shape of whatever you want to warm up easier
use blind stitch to close it up.

Sewing for Beginners-44

use blind stitch to close it up. you are done! now go put it in the microwave and heat it up for 1 minute, take it out and shake it up. then
put it back in for another minute. don’t you love it?