Reuse an old plastic bottle and turn it into useful bathroom storage. This Plastic Bottle Bathroom Storage project is
perfect for holding makeup, toothbrushes, or cotton balls. It doesn’t take up any space on the counter so it’s great for
small spaces. You could also use this storage container to hold art supplies, sponges in the kitchen, or as a catch all for keys and phones when you walk through the door.

Plastic Bottle Bathroom Storage
Plastic Bottle Bathroom Storage


• Plastic container – I used a large coffee creamer bottle,but shampoo bottles work great too.
• X-Acto knife
• Safety plug – I’m talking about those plastic plugs that block outlets so kids don’t stick their little fingers in them. Or, if you keep your hairdryer (or whatever) plugged in, you could just do that to hold up your container.
• (Optional) Mod Podge, fabric, decorative paper – whatever you would want to dress up your bottle.

1.Remove the label from the bottle. Using a pencil, create an outline on the bottle of where you need to cut. If the edges are rough, you can use some sand paper to smooth them out.

2.If desired, decorate the bottom with paper or fabric and Mod Podge.


Plastic Bottle Bathroom Storage
Plastic Bottle Bathroom Storage


3.Attach to safety plug and get to organizing!