Recycled craft ideas like this Pop Bottle Dish with Ribbon are so cheap and easy to make! With a few simple steps, you can have an adorable candy dish like this one, made by Tiffany Threadgould, for your coffee table.

Recycling of Plastic Bottles
Recycling of Plastic Bottles



• ribbon
• soda bottle (or empty fruit cup)
• tack
• scissors
• non-permanent marker

1.Start with a clean, dry bottle. Using a non-permanent marker, mark the areas of the bottle you’d like to use. It helps to cut extra and trim the bottle down. We used the bottom 2.5 inches of a 20-ounce bottle.

2.Take a tack and poke a hole in the bottle outside the area you’d like to keep.

3. Take your scissors and push them into the bottle through the hole you just made. Cut around
your bottle separating the top from the bottom where you marked your guideline.

4.Punch holes around the top of your container about 0.5 inch apart.

5.Take two 16-inch pieces of ribbon and weave them in and out of the holes. End with a bow.
• (Optional: you can also use an empty single-serving fruit cup to make into a dish.)

Recycling of Plastic Bottles
Recycling of Plastic Bottles