Pretty Paper Flower Wreath  – Amazing Handmade Decoration . 


 ColorCore Cardstock (one sheet of each below) :

Core Impressions Jenni Bowlin: Vanilla
Cream Aunt Grace
Vintage Angel Orchid
Core Essentials Royal Orchid
Core Essentials Sunrise Orchid
Core Couture Stiletto
Core Essentials Tangerine
 Gemstones Quartz
 Sand It Gadget
 Dust Buddy cloth
 Embossing Folder – Dot Background

 Styrofoam Wreath (1 7/8” x 17/8” x 11
7/8” – but any size will work you will just
vary the number of flowers you add)
 Ribbon (wide: 1 3/4” – 2”)
 Hot Glue Gun
 Foam Dots
 Cricut Machine & Mother’s Day Bouquet
Cartridge (or any cartridge with flowers)
 2” Circle Punch
 A Variety of Flower Punches
 Wooden Skewer or Paper Quilling Tool

Pretty Paper Flower Wreath


1. Cover Styrofoam wreath with wide ribbon (color of your choice). Fasten ribbon in place securely.

Pretty Paper Flower Wreath  Pretty Paper Flower Wreath

2. Using the Cricut machine & Mother’s Day Bouquet cartridge, cut flowers as follows: (you can hand cut flower shapes or use punches if you don’t own a Cricut)
a. From Sunrise Orchid cut <Flower3> @ 3” (4 times)
b. From Royal Orchid cut <Flower50> @ 2” (approx. 25 times)
c. From Angel Orchid cut <Flower50> @ 2” (approx. 22 times)
d. From Stiletto cut <Flower23> @ 2 ¾ ” (4 times)
e. From Tangerine cut <Flower15> @ 2 ½ ” (4 times)
f. From Tangerine cut <Flower50> @ 2” (approx.11 times)
g. From Quartz cut <Flower15> @ 1 ¾ ” (4 times)
h. From Quartz cut <Flower50> @ 2” (approx. 13 times)
i. From Vanilla Cream Aunt Grace cut <Flower 19> 2 ½ ” (8 times)

 Remember: you can use whatever colors and flower designs you desire.

3. Emboss the Sunrise Orchid and Tangerine die-cut flowers. Sand the embossed images and clean off dust with the Dust Buddy.


Pretty Paper Flower Wreath  Pretty Paper Flower Wreath

4. To make the spiral roses:
a. Take one of the 2” circles (Royal Orchid, Angel Orchid, Tangerine and Quartz) and a
pair of scissors. Starting at the outside edge of the circle begin cutting into the circle,
forming a spiral shape as you cut. As you get closer to the center make sure to leave
a circle shape, as this will be the base you glue the spiral shape onto.

Pretty Paper Flower Wreath  Pretty Paper Flower Wreath

b. Take a small skewer, quilling tool, or just use your fingers and begin rolling the paper  from the outside edge inward. Keep the spiral shape fairly snug as you roll towards the center. When you reach the center release the spiral shape and it will relax into shape.
c. Using a hot glue gun, add some glue onto the center part of the flower and then adhere the spiral shape right onto that. Hold until set.
d. Sand the edges of the Royal Orchid and Tangerine spiral roses lightly to give a distressed look.

Pretty Paper Flower Wreath  Pretty Paper Flower Wreath

5. Begin to adhere the flowers to the wreath by assembling the larger flowers together first.
a. Adhere the Stiletto flower to the Sunrise Orchid embossed flower. Then adhere the Royal
Orchid spiral rose to the center. (Repeat 4 times)
b. Adhere the Quartz flower to the center of Tangerine embossed flower. Adhere the Tangerine spiral rose to the center. (Repeat 4 times)
c. Adhere an Angel Orchid spiral rose to the center of a Vanilla Cream Aunt Grace flower.
Gently bend the petals of the flower. Then adhere to another Vanilla Cream Aunt Grace flower using pop/foam dots.
d. Now you can adhere these larger flowers to the wreath, spacing them out accordingly.
e. Then adhere the spiral roses in between, making trailing clusters as you adhere them.

by Cari Locken


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