By: Savannah Starr
Channel your inner goddess and create a Recycled Polka Dot Headpiece! This creative accessory can be created using cardboard from a cereal box. Recycled craft ideas have never looked so stylish and funky!

Handmade Accessories
Handmade Accessories



 Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue
 Cardboard (I used a cereal box)
 Hole punch – 1″ circle (or design of your choice), small punch (for jumprings)
 Pencil with eraser
 Acrylic paint – black
 Paint brush
 Paper plate
 Glitter – black (or color of your choice)
 Rhinestones
 Jewelry findings: jump rings, jewelry chain, fishhook earring findings
 Jewelry pliers


Handmade Accessories
Handmade Accessories



1. Punch circles from cardboard. You will need two circles for each pendant.

2. Punch small hole into top of circles. Be sure to line the circles up and punch in the same spot.

3. To add dimension to circles, place one at a time in the palm of your hand. Press in the center of the circle with your thumb.


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4. I also like to use the eraser end of a pencil to press along the outside edge which gives more dimension, too.

5. Paint each circle black. Let dry. Brush glue over painted side.

6. Place on plate and sprinkle with glitter. Shake off excess. Let dry.


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How to Make Handmade Accessories
How to Make Handmade Accessories

7. Glue two glittered circles together lining up the punched holes.

8. Glue rhinestones in place. Let dry. Insert jump rings through holes. To create headpiece, attach jump ring to chain. To create earrings, attach fishhook earring findings. For my headpiece, I also created smaller glittered pendants to hang on my headpiece chain. To wear the headpiece, use bobby pins to pin into hear.

Handmade Accessories
Handmade Accessories