Recycled Sweater Throw Pillows –  Sewing for Beginners .

This eco‐crafting idea uses recycled sweaters found at thrift stores or in the backs of closets to create cozy pillows. For the best results, look for sweaters with embellishments or great texture.


Sewing for Beginners-47


•    Pillow form
•    Ruler
•    Chalk pencil or disappearing ink pen
•    Embellished sweaters
•    Sewing machine and thread (either complementary or contrasting color)
•    Scissors
•    Straight pins
•    Decorative trim
•    Hot glue and glue sticks


1.  Using pillow form as guide for size, mark sweater on right side, using the same measurement as pillow form (i.e. 16” form, draw 16” square on sweater.) Be certain that you shift your pillow form around sweater to include the most decorative areas!

2.  With wrong sides of sweater together, stitch along 3 sides of marked guidelines.

3.  Cut along stitched edges to ½” from stitched line. Cut along unstitched 4th edge too.

4.  Slip pillow form inside stitched sweater.

5.  Pin unstitched edges together to hold in place and stitch together.

6.  Working a small section at a time, place a line of glue along the stitched edge. Immediately lay trim into glue. Repeat until trim is glued along all four sides of pillow.

Sewing for Beginners-48

Heidi’s Designer Tips: It’s easier to stitch with a contrasting color thread so when it comes time to clip the edges, you can follow the stitching line. Because the trim will cover the stitching line, you don’t need to worry about the color of the stitching. Also, if you don’t sew, wherever the instructions tell you to sew, you can glue this project instead.
By: Heidi Borchers


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