By: Haley Pierson-Cox for The Zen of Making
Making fabric flowers is a cinch with this tutorial. Make these Scrap Fabric Rosette Barrettes as a cute hair accessory that also uses up scraps of fabric.

Hair Accessories
Hair Accessories



 Fabric strips
 Felt scraps
 Barrettes or hair clips
 Thread
 Hot glue gun
 Fabric scissors
 Sewing needle

1. Cut fabric scraps into strips. You can adjust the size of your rosette by changing the length and width of the strips.

2. Roll fabric strips into rosettes. Fold the fabric strip in half horizontally. Fold one end over several times, creating the center. Holding on to these folds, begin wrapping the fabric around the center (the fabric will build on itself). To create the rose petal texture, twist the fabric as you wrap. When you reach the end of the fabric strip, place a dot of hot glue on the back, then fold the fabric end over and press into place.

3. Cut circles out of felt. (Make them just large enough for your rosettes to fit.)


Hair Accessories
Hair Accessories

4. Glue rosettes to the felt using your hot glue gun.

5. Cut off any extra felt.

6. With your needle and thread, secure the rosette group to the hair clip. Make sure that your first stitch goes through the felt so it stays securely in place.

7. Tie off the thread, and it’s ready to wear!


Hair Accessories
Hair Accessories