Grab your felt scraps and create a project that looks good enough to eat! Easy sewing crafts are perfect for beginners and a fun way to test
your skills. Create a few Sewn Felt Strawberries from Heather Valentine and display them in a pretty dish on your counter. Best of all, these strawberries will never go bad, so you can display them forever.

Fabric crafts
Fabric crafts



 Colored Felt
 Needle & Thread
 Poly-Fil


1. Cut berries & leaves from felt. Fold berry in half, pin and straight stitch along the edge from top to bottom.

2. Turn right side out. You will have a small dimple at the bottom. This is perfect.

3. Stuff with Poly-Fil. With needle and thread run a long basting stitch around the top opening of berry. Pull closed and stitched.

4. Change thread color to match your leaves and stitch them to the top. On my berries, some have 2 sets of leaves, others have 3.  Your choice.

Fabric crafts
Fabric crafts