By Jimmy Beans Wool

Sew up this simple tote using some of your favorite fat quarter patterns. This fast project will come together in less than 2 hours and you can make it with supplies already in your stash. This handmade tote bag would be perfect to use for carrying your accessories on a trip or for organizing some of your craft supplies. Pick your favorite patterns and get sewing this quick and easy project.

handmade bag
handmade bag

• 2 coordinating fat quarters
• Pins
• Scissors
• Ruler
• 2 pieces of ribbon – 50 inches each
• Coordinating thread
• Removable fabric pen

Back stitch all seams at beginning and end.

Step One
Iron and even any edges of your fabric.

Step Two
Place your fabric wrong sides together and lay out so the longest part of the fabric will become the sides of the bag.

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Step Three
Mark 4” from the top of your bag close to both edges and in the middle as a reference.

Step Four
Pin you bag all the way round.

Step Five

Mark a 1/4 “ on your corners.

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Step Six
From your 4” mark sew a 1/4” seam all the way round your bag.

Step Seven
Turn your bag right side out and press seams out evenly all the way round.

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Step Eight
Pin horizontally to mark the beginning of your first seam. Mark a 1/2” seam with your pen at the pin and sew horizontally to the mark and turn your bag and sew around the first seam (on both sides). When you reach the other side sew across the pin.

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Step Nine
Snip 1/2” just a hair above your horizontal seam at the top of your bag.

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Step Ten
Keeping your bag inside out, fold your snipped edges (wrong sides together) flush with the 1/2” horizontal seam and press. Fold over again,press and use the 1st pressing as a guide to fold the 2nd side over in the same manner. Repeat
on the other side.

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Step Eleven
Press the top raw edge over to create a 1/2” fold and repeat on the other side.

Step Twelve
Match the 1/2” fold to the beginning of the snip and press carefully, repeat on the other side. Pin the edges all the way around.

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Step Thirteen
sew 1/8 inch seam all the way around, back stitching (about 1/2” on each side of side seam) carefully on the side seams 3 times for reinforcement.

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Step Fourteen
Seam 1/2 inch from the top of each side of the bag (this will create your ribbon channel) on both sides of the bag.

Step Fifteen
Turn bag right side out and press.

Simple Fat Quarter Bag
Simple Fat Quarter Bag


Step Sixteen
Pull your ribbon through one channel all the way around through the other channel and tie an overhand knot with ribbon held together. Pull the ribbon through in the opposite direction all the way around and tie an over hand knot. Snip the ends and enjoy!

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