If you have been searching for a quick and easy project that is pretty enough for the home, the Simple Heart Bunting is perfect for you. Putting together this heart bunting is so simple; you’ll wish you had space for a second one! As an added bonus, write a few fun Valentine’s Day activities to the back of each heart, you’re little ones will love it! This adorable Valentine’s Day craft is simplicity at its finest.

Valentines Day Ideas 14 Heart Crafts and Cute Valentines Day Crafts eBook-65



 Red and pink cardstock
 Printer
 Double-sided tape
 Red mini clothespins (spray paint red if  necessary)

 Twine
 Doilies (optional)
 Ribbon (optional)


1. Cut out two sizes of hearts and using double-stick tape, attach the smaller on to the larger one.

Repeat 14 times.

2. Using your computer, type out 14 different activates for the family to do, leading up to Valentine’s Day.

3. Print out each activity, cut them into strips and tape each one to the back of each heart.

4. Use your mini clothespins to attach the hearts to a long piece of twine.

Note: If you cannot find mini clothespins in red, try spray painting them or settling for another Valentine’s Day color. Optional: Use Valentine’s Day ribbon to embellish your banner.


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