M-D Hobby & Craft Metal Sheet
Metal file
Glitter glue


Glitter Glue Directions:

– Make sure metal is clean and dry before application.
– Cut tube open, apply to surface and spread as desired with paint brush.
– Product applies white and dries crystal clear.
– Allow at least 24 hours. Complete dry time is based on thickness of the application.
– Clean up uncured material from tools and hands with soap and water.

– Reseal container after use to prevent drying.


Glitter Glue Warnings:

– Supervise children while using this product.
– Not for use in submerged water applications.
– Not for use in food contact areas.
– Do not eat or swallow.
– Avoid contact with eyes.
– Keep from freezing.


1-Use a pencil to trace template (Shapes 1 & 2 available in the M-D Hobby & Craft Metal Sheet) by placing the metal sheet over the template.
2-Cut out 1 piece of Shape 1 and 4 pieces of Shape 2 using scissors or tin snips. Smooth edges using a metal file.

3-Insert end of Shape 2 through opening of Shape 1. Fold at dotted line so Shape 2 “hooks” onto Shape 1. Repeat on all four
sides. Hammer bended area flat.
4-Decorate your snowflake with glitter glue and rhinestones. Allow to dry before handling.
5-Use ornament hangers to hang. To add length, attach fishing line to ornament hanger and snowflake.

6 -Repeat above steps to create additional snowflakes or try  creating other shapes and sizes.

Designed by Linda Peterson


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