What You’ll Need:
12″ Styrofoam Wreath Form
One Spool of Wide Ribbon
2 Coordinating Fabrics
Tulle (about 1/2 to 3/4 of a yard), cut into long 2 inch strips
FabricTac or other fabric adhesive
Ribbon or Sash, for hanging the wreath
Covered Button Kits (3)
Rotary Cutter and Mat
All Your Sewing Goodies
Start by wrapping your wreath with ribbon, gluing the beginning of the ribbon to the back of the wreath.  Wrap about 3/4 of the wreath and glue to secure end of ribbon.
Cut your tulle into long strips.  I buy mine by the yard, fold is up and cut as below.
Ruffle tulle strips by machine by doing a straight stitch down the middle of each strip of tulle.  I just set my stitch length to 3.5 to upped my tension and it ruffled itself really easily.  Every time I finished one strip, I paused, lifted the foot of my machine and added another strip without cutting thread in between strips. Wrap the ruffled tulle around the rest of the wreath and glue in place.
Now we’re going to make 3 fabric flowers to go on top of the tulle.  There are quite a few tutorials on the web for this kind of fabric flower but my favorite can be found here.  I use a toddler bowl as my circle template and I don’t do the iron step.  I just place the circles on my cutting mat and cut down the center.
Finish making your flowers as instructed in the tutorial.  This is where you’ll use the felt and covered button kits.  I love these flowers.  So cute.
Then simply glue the flowers on the tulle.
Add a ribbon or sash and hang.