Create a fun and pretty collar to wear over any outfit with this easy sewing tutorial. Anyone can make this tie‐on collar in the fabric of your choice.

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Make a mock out of another fabric. When you do it, just make sure you measure your neck circumference and incorporate it in your template.


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Cut out four pieces (two of each color) giving about quarter of an inch around it.


Christmas gifts


Sew the pieces that are the same color together in the middle.


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Now it the fun part – embellish it, attach your label, draw on it, whatever…


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Fold two pieces together the right side in.


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Take two pieces of yarn and pin then in both corners as shown. Make sure you put long parts of them inside your collar pieces so that when you turn it inside out they will be long enough.


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Sew around leaving only the middle inside part open big enough to turn it inside out.


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When you turn it inside out, I recommend ironing it. Now sew the edges to give them a finished look. Start with that inside middle part that is still open.


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