This project falls into the “easy” category, even for beginners. If you can sew a relatively straight line and can use straight pins without putting your eye out, success is all but guaranteed.

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Step One ‐ Select two old t‐shirts.


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Step Two ‐ Cut the T‐shirts into strips. I made mine 8″ wide, but you can use any width you want. Also, I cut my strips horizontally to highlight the t‐shirt’s designs, but cutting vertically will work just as well.

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Step Three ‐ Select two strips to begin with and pin them right side together on one of the short sides.

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step 4 sew along the side you pinned


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Step Five ‐ Keep repeating this process until you have two pieces that are the length that you want the
scarf to be when it is finished.


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Step 6 with right sides facing each other , pin the long sides of the two pieces together and sew making sure to leave the ends open


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Step Seven ‐ Turn the scarf right side out and stitch the ends closed about two inches from the bottom .


In this photo , my pieces two different length . I cut the green piece to even them up after i sewed the end shut

Step 8

Making fringe at the end simply by cutting slits with your scissors .

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