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How to Make Handmade Valentine’s Card – DIY + Tutorial .

How to Make Handmade Valentine's Card - DIY + Tutorial . Valentine's Day is nearly here – and chances are, you're looking for an absolutely perfect Valentine's Day card for your boyfriend,...

DIY Owl Pillow – Handmade Craft Ideas .

Have you heard? Owls are the hottest Valentine's Day trend this season! Make your own DIY Owl Pillow to add a modern flair to any room of your house this Valentine's Day....

Simple Heart Bunting – Cute Valentines Day Crafts .

If you have been searching for a quick and easy project that is pretty enough for the home, the Simple Heart Bunting is perfect for you. Putting together this heart bunting is...

Recycled CD Letter Holder for Mom – Ways to Reuse Materials.

Help Mom stay organized with a personalized recycled mail station ‐ showcase her favorite flowers and  reuse an old CD.  This project makes for a great mother's day gift or birthday present for a mom or  another busy lady in your life.   Materials:  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam: o Heart, 6" x 1" • Three or four recycled compact discs • Floral fabric "fat quarter" (from quilting department) • Coordinating silk flowers, two small bunches • Serrated knife • Paraffin or candle stub • Scissors • Wide flat paintbrush • Ruler • Paper towels • Low temperature glue gun and glue sticks • White, thick craft glue Steps:  1. Cut three or four 5 1/2" squares from fabric. For each CD, spread thin layer of white glue over  label side and smooth a fabric square over glue; let dry and trim excess. 2. Cut two 1 1/2" x 12" strips from fabric. Glue fabric strips around edge of foam heart, overlapping as needed. Clip corners and fold excess fabric to bottom; glue to secure. Note: If desired, trace heart onto wrong side of fabric and cut out; glue to bottom of heart. 3. To make inserting discs easier, first cut 3/8"‐deep, equally‐spaced parallel grooves into top of  foam heart. Cut straight down, not at an angle. Apply thin line of white glue along each CD slit and press discs 1/2" to 3/4" deep into slit. 4. Glue silk flower bunch to each side of discs as shown.

Flowering Hearts Willow Wreath – Handmade Crafts Tutorials .

By: The Cards We Drew Spread the love this Valentine's Day with the Flowering Hearts Wreath. This DIY wreath takes a simple willow wreath and sprinkles it with little paper hearts, taking it from...

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