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Conversation Heart Homemade Soaps – Cute Valentines Day Crafts .

If you're considering creating homemade Valentine gifts this year, why not give them something they can actually use? These adorable Conversation Heart Homemade Soaps are perfect for one use, and great to take...

Glittery Valentine’s Day Gift Boxes – Cute Valentines Day Crafts .

Are you in need of a way to spend a little quality time with your kids this February? Try making some Glittery Valentine's Day Gift Boxes together. Kids will absolutely love getting...

Home Decor – Colorful Tissue Wreaths .

This colorful tissue wreath can be used year-round, but it’s especially appropriate for the holiday season. Tissue paper and ribbon bring this craft together into one lovely piece. Materials:  STYROFOAM Brand Foam: o Wreaths:...

Fused Glass Holiday Bracelet – Homemade Gifts for Christmas .

Create a holiday bracelet with real sparkle by fusing dichroic and sheet glass. Each bead is unique and so pretty. Make beautiful bracelets for yourself or give them as gifts. Materials:  Fuseworks Kiln ...

Cherry Painted Glass Jar – Holiday Ideas for Gifts .

Give a glass storage jar a fresh, fruity look with shiny cherries and leaves painted with enamel paint. You'll love keeping it out on the counter. Materials:  DecoArt Products Required Americana Gloss Enamels • DAG31 ‐ Baby Pink ‐‐‐ NEW!! • DAG52 ‐ Avocado ‐‐‐ NEW!! • DAG65 ‐ Dark Chocolate ‐‐‐ NEW!! • DAG230 ‐ Festive Green ‐‐‐ NEW!! • DAG265 ‐ Tuscan Red ‐‐‐ NEW!! Americana Brushes • DBL1000‐B ‐ Liner 0 • DBR2002‐B ‐ Round 2 • DBF3008‐B ‐ Shader 8 Supplies  • 1/2" round foam pouncer brush • Glass storage jar, Anchor Hocking 85786 Instructions:  1. Refer to photo when painting designs. Use pouncer dipped in Tuscan Red to stamp two dots for cherries within each square on sides of jar; let dry. 2. Use liner brush and Dark Chocolate to paint cherry stems. Use round brush and thin coat of Dark Chocolate to shade bottom of cherry and curve at top of cherry at base of stem. Let dry. 3. Use liner brush and to add highlight to each cherry. 4. Double load flat brush with Festive Green and Avocado to paint leaves. Let dry.

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