Toilet Paper Roll Craft Ideas – Owl Desk Organizer .
Get ready for back to school season and make one of these desk organizers with your
kids. Organize your home desk with a cute owl desk organizer from Glue Dots that stores everything you need for homework.


 Mini Glue Dots
 1″ Glue Lines
 4 toilet paper roll tubes
 Thick chipboard such as Bristol or illustration board – cut to 4″ X 9″
 Blue, Red, Yellow and Green acrylic paint
 Clear liquid adhesive
 Ribbons
 Letters
 White Pen
 Stickers
 Pencil

1. Paint each toilet paper roll in a different color.

2. Use the Glue Dots Glue Lines to attach the painted toilet paper rolls in a row.

3. The ribbon around the 4 rolls, keep ribbon in place with Mini Glue Dots.

4. Attach the group of 4 rolls to Bristol board and add embellishments.


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