1. Paper: Use 60 sheets square paper with (10×10)cm.
  2. Glue.
  3. Yarn.



1. Fold in half, Fold in half again, open the inside and flatten.

2. Turn to the left, making the same way with other side.


3. Fold the upper layer up to the line, we have:

4. Open the inside and squash.

5. Fold to the right. making the same way with other two flaps.

6. Fold all to the left, fold up to the line, fold only two layers to the right fold up to the line.

Fold only the upper layer to the left, fold the point upward.

7. Fold the other points in the same way.

8. Open to the original sheet.

9. Fold the marked parts backward so that the edges meet on the center line.make a dent by pushing the center, fold backward, fold the peak downward. fold to the left.

10. Fold the other corners except 1 corner in this same way.

11. Petal completed. use a bit of glue to join them.

12. Five petals are glued to make a flower, make the same way to have 12 flowers.


13. Three flowers glued and five flowers glued