Use recycled Christmas cards to create a repurposed project! Send this card to someone you love and write a meaningful message on the inside. It takes just minutes to create this card, but it will definitely make an impression.

Christmas crafts



 Scraps of paper (can be wrapping paper, Craft paper, metallic paper, textured paper, whatever you have – I used mostly greens, but added a little glitzy gold, too)
 Glue stick (or whatever method you prefer)
 Blank card forms (or make your own from card stock)
 Scissors


1.) Cut the paper randomly into triangle shapes.
No pattern needed, just cut various sizes from your paper. Don’t worry if not all the shapes are perfect isosceles triangles; have you never seen a tree that is a little lop-sided!?! You can see

from the ruler that most of my bases are
somewhere around 1 inch wide.


Christmas crafts


2.) Now also cut some (not as many) much smaller triangles (half-inch or smaller at the base).




3.) Now also cut some (not as many) much smaller triangles (half-inch or smaller at the base).


7-Easy-Christmas-Crafts-eBook-32  7-Easy-Christmas-Crafts-eBook-34

4.) Here are the “trees” laid out on the front of my card. As you can see, they are not necessarily centered. I have simply overlapped one tree on top of the next, varying the heights and sizes of the trees.

Christmas crafts

5.) The above photo shows the trees glued down. (I guess they are fairly centered, but that is definitely optional!)

6.) Now to use up those little tiny trees… I always like to put at least a little something inside the cards I make, rather than leaving them blank. So here I glued three little trees down in the corner.