All you need is:

A large bowl, a wooden spoon, 6 cups of flour, 3 cups of salt,about 4 cups of water, food coloring, and a big surface for kneading dough.

For wrapping we used:

Plastic wrap, curling ribbon, cellophane tape, and old cookie cutters we already had in our collection.

1.  In the large bowl, mix the flour and the salt. We once used whole wheat flour and it made nice light brown dough, but if you want white dough, use white flour.  Then, slowly add the water, mixing with the wooden spoon as you go.  Be careful not to make the mixture too wet, but if you do find you added too much water, you can just add a little more flour until you get a nice doughy consistency.


2. At this point, it is time to put up the spoon and jump in with your hands! Squish the ingredients until evenly mixed.

3. Phoebe and I grabbed hand fulls of dough and kneaded each handful into a ball. We put two balls aside to use for ourselves to play with later, and each of the remaining eight balls  we made into a different color to give as a gift.  One of our balls we left white, so that means we had 7 balls to color.


4. First we made yellow! Phoebe made a little indentation in the middle of the ball and added a few drops of yellow food coloring. This way, it doesn’t splatter or drip out of the clay when you knead it.


5. Phoebe kneaded the dough until the dye was evenly dispersed. This is the fun part. Just play with the clay! The more you smooooosh it, the more evenly colored the clay will be, and the nicer the texture will be. When you are done with one color and ready to go on to the next, it is important to wash your hands and wipe the counter, or else you will get muddy colors! Be aware, if your hands and the counter are wet, you will add water to the dough, so make sure everything is dry before you move on.


6. We found that the dyes colored the dough in different ways. It only takes a little yellow dye to make yellow dough, but it takes a lotto make red. It is ok to add more  dye if you underestimate.


7. We repeated steps 4 and 5 until we had created a whole rainbow of colors, always being careful to wash hands and wash the counter before switching colors, and then make sure both are really dry!


8. Next, we wrapped each ball in plastic wrap. Baggies would have been great, but we didn’t have any. Be sure to make it as air tight as possible, because air will dry out the clay. We taped the ends closed.


9. We tied each package with a ribbon.