Turquoise plastic, mauve flowers and brass mesh combine in interesting, beaded earrings.

Beautiful Beads 45 Beading Craft Projects-114



 Turquoise and Mauve Friendly Plastic®
 AMACO® WireForm® Brass Designer’s Mesh
 Beads
 Pliers
 Earwires
 Silicone glue


1. From the Designer’s Mesh cut a strip 12cm x 5 cm (4
3/4″ x 2″); this should provide at least 16 long strands of wire in mesh piece.

2. Fray both the short ends using pliers until there is only a small amount of mesh left in the middle measuring about 1.5cm (just over 1/2″) long. Cut in half lengthways making sure there are 8 long strands of wire in each piece.


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3. Heat a small piece of turquoise Friendly Plastic® (a bit wider than mesh area) on top of aluminum foil using heat gun or oven. When soft, position piece of mesh on top of plastic and push down; be careful to avoid touching plastic. Pick up foil and push up from underneath with fingers until warm plastic oozes through the holes in mesh.


Beautiful Beads 45 Beading Craft Projects-113
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4. Use palette knife to ease excess plastic at sides over raw edges of the mesh, sealing them in.
5. Heat a small square (0.5cm / less than 1/4″) of Mauve plastic with hot water method; position in middle of warm square of Turquoise. Use needle tool to drag in sides of the square to form a small flower; push a bead into center. (This may require tiny amount of glue to secure).


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6. Repeat steps 3 to 5 for other earring.
7. Use pliers to twist all wires at one end of each earring into a tight single twist of wire. Twist other end into four twists. Bead and twist four strands as desired, eventually twisting four strands into two, then into one. Add a final bead; coil wire into a loop; push back up into the final bead. A tiny dab of glue will secure it.


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8. Coil the single twist of wire at the top of earring into a loop; twist to secure. Curl end onto back of the earrings; cover with small square Turquoise that’s already been heated.


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9. Finally, attach ear wires; open out loop on ear wire with pliers; thread through earring loop. Close securely.


Beautiful Beads 45 Beading Craft Projects-114
Handmade Accessories