Spring activities and crafts.
Spring activities and crafts.



 LOTS of crayons
 muffin tin (we used a 12 cup tin)
 roasting pan (or any shallow pan that’s larger than the muffin tin)
 pencils (enough for each person)
 flat head pins (enough for each pencil)
 clean, cool, and dry hard boiled eggs
 water


1. Begin by peeling all the crayons. Then group them into color families.
2. Stick the pin into the eraser on the pencil. This will be your “paintbrush”.
3. Pour hot water into the roasting pan and place the crayon-filled muffin tin inside of it.
4. Place the pan over a burner on your stove top and heat on medium-low. Once the crayons are good and melted, you can turn the burner down to just a simmer.
5. Now, this next part is a bit tricky, so if you find it doesn’t work for you straight away, don’t give up – it takes some of practice!

Using your “paintbrush”, dip the head of the pin into the melted color of your choice and very quickly drag the pin across the egg, tipping the pin to the side while you do this. The key is to move quickly because it takes seconds for the wax to harden onto the pin instead of onto the egg. The beauty is, if you make a mistake you can easily scrape off the wax and try again. {Tip: to remove the excess wax that will eventually accumulate on your pin, simply dip the pin into the hot water on the outside of the muffin tin.}  This starburst pattern was a favorite of my mother’s, but you can experiment with any kind of design you can think of.  You can also dip the entire egg into the wax. (Be careful though; the wax is hot!)
After you’ve finished decorating your eggs, let the wax harden a bit and then place the
entire tin in the freezer. About an hour later you’ll have some new crayons!