 Design Master® TintIT™ – Mango
 Design Master® COLORTOOL® Spray – Robin’s Egg Blue
 Battery operated pillar candle
 Sheet of wood veneer
 Cotton string
 Feather
 Utility knife
 Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Wood Veneer Wrapped Candle


1. Form a loose ball of the cotton string. Spray the string with Robin’s Egg and then allow it to dry.
Untangle the string and reform it again into a new ball. Tint the ball of string with Mango and then allow it to dry.

2. Lightly tint the feather with Mango.

3. Stain the wood veneer sheet by evenly sparying TintIT Mango. Apply an additional coat or two  to deepen the color.

4. When the veneer is dry, measure the width you will need by placing the candle on its side and
marking the wrong side of the veneer. Trim veneer with utility knife.

Wood Veneer Wrapped Candle

5. Wrap the candle in the veneer and glue it in place.

Wood Veneer Wrapped Candle

6. Hot glue the end of the painted string to the middle area of the candle. Wrap the painted string around the candle several times and glue the other end into place.
Wood Veneer Wrapped Candle

7. Hot glue the feather to the painted string.


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