woven friendship bracelet

Materials used :

– cardboard

– something small and circular (like a teacup or ramekin)

– scissors, ruler, pen

– embroidery thread in pretty colors, thin yarn, or ribbon

trace a circle onto your cardboard, and use a ruler to draw 8 lines


cut a small ways into each line, between 1/2 an inch to an inch

and make a hole in the middle of the circle where all the lines intersect.

 cut 7 strands of embroidery floss, about 24 inches long and tie them together with a slip knot.

pull your thread bundle through the hole in your cardboard

with the knot right up next to the hole

and use a little piece of tape to hold it in place while you start.

now for the fun part!

arrange each of your 7 strands, tucking them into the slits you made in the cardboard.

there should be one slit left open.

*hold your loom so the open slit is in front of you,

*and count one, two, three strings clockwise

*take that third string out of its slit,

*and place it in the empty slit.

turn the loom so that the empty slit is in front of you once again,

and repeat the *starred* steps until your bracelet is long enough to wear!

once your bracelet gets going, you can remove the tape

holding the bracelet against the loom as you go if you want to keep it tight while you weave.

and that’s really all there is to it!

i love how they look like little woven  ropes,

and how the colors look so fun and jumbled.

happy weaving!

woven friendship bracelet